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We spoke with BBC WM earlier on their morning show to share our thoughts on the Moseley Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). When we received their email initially, we put a few feelers out to the community and had a fair few tweets and emails back. The overall response was mixed views.

We know in the summer months there has been an influx of things happening on the night, which we can safely say are not the local residents. Some feel it was the select few types of events that were being put on which attracted a different clientele.

We all agree Moseley is such a wonderful place to both live and socialise, it really would be such as shame that something like this order did dampen or even steal the heart of Moseley.

A lot of the Moseley residents are concerned about this, specially when for years we’ve been able to enjoy ourselves in our wonderful pubs and restaurants and continue to bring amazing events and experiences like the Moseley Festivals and Farmers Markets and general weekly events. Giving Moseley a signature as vibrant and stimulating place to be, when it’s permitted to do so.

Of course if this was applied sensibly it would allow the local business to continue to flourish while penalising the drunks on the street for their behaviour and that’s exactly what it should be used for. But do we need a law on top of a law, when this behaviour should not be tolerated by the Police anyway?

Some residents wrote in and said they felt the community could lose control of their culture and way of life, as so much is being proposed including trying to change the boundaries for Moseley, which again is a whole other topic in itself.

Let’s just hope that if this goes forward that Moseley will always be always be Moseley.

For more information on this PSPO, check out the following link:

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