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Consol Spa

Consol has always been at the forefront of the tanning industry, using only the best sunbeds available and constantly evolving in order to give customers what they want. Recently the company has expanded to offer new treatments, including Aqua Massage beds, VibroSLIM and Collagen light treatments.

At Consol, we pride ourselves on offering the best treatments available at reasonable prices without the hassle. The easy to use self-service concept lets you find information, buy products and pay for treatments using our new kiosk. No appointments, no hassle.

Safety is a top priority for Consol and there is always plenty of information available both in studios and online, as well as an advice line available during opening hours. As part of our mission to keep customers tanning safely, Consol has developed a specific type of sunbed tube that minimises output of the harmful UV rays, ensuring the customer gets the best tan possible without burning.

Consol Spa
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0121 449 8899
93 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, West Midlands, B13 8DD