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Piquant Restaurant

At Piquant we aim to provide a unique eating experience, agreeably stimulating to the palate. We leave no room for compromise and believe that our customers deserve distinctive food, unparalleled service, first class facilities and finally very competitive prices. With these core principles we can provide an exceptional dining experience. The kitchen is equipped to deliver fresh and wholesome dishes, it is fully equipped with a Tandoor which makes our Tandoori dishes second to none. Our kitchen staff utilise traditional Indian methods to create really fine and delicious Indian cuisine.

We have endeavoured to create a menu that includes many of the traditional favourites as well as our specialities from our flamboyant Tawa dishes, our succulent Tandoori dishes and our house specialities which include Kashmiri Karahi, Handi Murgh and lamb and the Piquant Shahi Tukrah. More than anything we strive for excellence to give our patrons our best.

Piquant Restaurant
Company Info
0121 249 1216
18 St Mary's Row, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8JG